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November 2017

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Emma and James first approached us in the summer of 2017, ahead of their wedding the following year. To save on the costs and hassle of sending out every piece of information their guests may need, they wanted a website to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Apart from providing all the details, links and directions their guests could need, the key thing Emma and James needed was for guests to be able to RSVP quickly and easily through the website rather than having to complete a traditional postal reply.

What we did

Due to the limited time-frame that we website needs to live, following discussions with Emma and James it was decided that a static website without a CMS was the best fit for their requirements.

This allowed both parties to concentrate on other key aspects of functionality, the most important of which was the custom-built RSVP functionality.

This intuitive form was built and iterated along with input from the client until it provided the exact functionality they required. Invited guests are walked through the whole process, and asked appropriate questions based on what type of invitation they’ve been sent.

All submissions are emailed through to Emma and James directly, so they get their RSVP instantly.

Numerous guests have commented on how impressive the website was and it also made our RSVP process really straight-forward!

Emma Pardo